What's Poppin

Popcorn Flavors

What’s Poppin makes a variety of gourmet popcorn flavors. Whether you like traditional movie flavored popcorn, kettle corn, cheese, a mix or a unique gourmet popcorn we’ve got a flavor you’ll like.

By choosing the right kernel and flavor combination each handful tastes just right. It all starts with the kernel selection. Here at Albany’s own What’s Poppin we use Monster Mushroom kernels – a premium, round shape best used for caramel, specialty flavors and movie style popcorn.

Then, we add just the right amount of finely chosen ingredients to create tasty flavors.

Traditional Popcorn Flavors

whats poppin albany butter flavor popcorn Moo-Vee


We wouldn't be a popcorn store without making butter flavored popcorn. We call ours Moo-Vee popcorn and it's perfect for, well, the movies!

whats poppin kettle corn


If you're got a sweet tooth you'll love our Kettle corn. Another classic but oh so good...

Gourmet Popcorn Flavors

whats poppin albany ny gourmet popcorn flavor Cheddar


Mushroom shaped popcorn kernels coated in our premium Cheddar cheese

whats poppin upstate new york popcorn flavor Cheddar Hot

Cheddar Hot

Our best seller! Premium cheddar cheese coated butterfly shaped popcorn with a mild smoky spice

gourmet popcorn flavor whats poppin albany new york Caramel


A What’s Poppin secret blend to create a classic caramel popcorn

whats poppin gourmet flavor Albany Mix

Albany Mix

Our Cheddar and Caramel mixed. Sweet meets savory "Chicago Style"

whats poppin upstate new york gourmet popcorn flavor Upstate Mix

Upstate Mix

Our Cheddar Hot & Caramel Mixed. Our best mix and a house favorite!

whats poppin gourmet flavor Albany Mix

Flavor of the Week

Call us or check out our Facebook page for weekly special flavors! Past flavors have included: Double Nut Fudge, Rocky Road, Salted Caramel Kettle (vegan popcorn), Rosemary Olive Oil, Orange Creamsicle, Cara-Moo, Birthday Cake, Wake n' Bacon, Spicy Dill Pickle and more!