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Moo-Vee Butter

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Just like the tasty snack from the movie theaters! This vegan, gluten free treat is a must for your next flick at home.


Serving Size

It may be hard to not eat all of our popcorn at once, but please enjoy it in moderation. The average serving size is 1-2 cups.

Allergy Information

Our everyday flavors (cheddar, cheddar hot, caramel, moo-vee and kettle) are naturally gluten and nut free. However, we do have seasonal flavors that occasionally contain nuts and/or gluten. Nuts, dairy, gluten, soy, and whey are used in our facility, but are contained to one area as much as possible. If you have any concerns, please contact our store directly at 518-704-3936.

20 Scoop (Moo-Vee and Kettle Only)
4 Scoop (Moo-Vee and Kettle Only)