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Choose your size, flavor and ribbon color for your party favors! Our smalls stand about 5 inches high and hold 2-4oz of popcorn, while our large favors are about 10 inches high and hold 8-10oz for a more substantial snack. All favors come with a What’s Poppin logo sticker on the back. Please send us an email if you’d like to add custom stickers for an additional fee.


Favors are sold in batches of 20. Orders of over 20 favors may incur up to two week turnaround and package arrival, so order on the earlier side.

Albany Mix A special blend of our cheddar and caramel popcorn flavors. Sweet meets savory, "Chicago style gourmet popcorn"! Yum!
Caramel A What's Poppin secret blend creates a classic caramel popcorn flavor.
Cheddar Premium cheddar cheese flavor on our special "monster mushroom shaped" popcorn kernels.
Cheddar Hot Popcorn Our best seller! Premium cheddar cheeses with a mild smoky spice on a uniquely "butterfly shaped kernel" with lots of nooks and crannies to capture the cheese and flavor.
Moo-Vee Traditional butter flavored popcorn
curling Ribbon Colors