What's Poppin Gourmet Popcorn | Albany NY

First time here? Learn the ropes!

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You’ve just stepped foot into What’s Poppin Albany–the popper is rumbling, kernels are flyin’ and the smell of salty, buttery popcorn is just heavenly. You approach the counter, with almost a few too many choices presented to you. We get it. There’s a lot going on. Get the down low on how to make your first ordering experience a snap (or a pop, if you’re into puns.)

When you arrive at the brightly lit front counter, you’ll see a plethora of bags to choose from along with prices. Choose what suits your needs! We always say, though, bigger is better. 

As a note, our 4 scoop is always just for kettle corn and buttered popcorn.

Look up to see another reminder of pricing (and how many scoops each container can hold.)


Pick your flavors! Our specials will change regularly, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know on what’s poppin’ up next.

Our everyday flavors will always stick around, never fear! Don’t see something you’d like on your visit? Ask us! We may be able to rustle something up for you. As the only retail popcorn shop in the Capital District, we pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box when it comes to what customers crave.



Enjoy some of our smaller sizes, as well! Our small zip locking bags are buy two, get one free. For a bit more snackin’, our plastic containers are only $6.95!

Hope this helps! Pop in today for free samples.